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Enhance your model railway with MERG

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned modeller who wants to add electronics to your layout, you are welcome here with us.
The Model Electronic Railway group is a mutual help group covering all levels of knowledge and experience.
The West of Scotland group is the biggest and most active group in the UK.

• We exchange ideas and information (free software, quarterly Journal, comprehensive members' Forum)
• We have local meetings and help sessions
• We provide skills workshops
• We offer a large range of electronic kits at great prices

For more information, contact our Convenor, Davy Dick, at


What Happens at our meetings

We have activities most weeks, with fortnightly sessions in Prestwick and monthly sessions in Elderslie, in addition to regular Zoom sessions.
The sessions usually share practical skills and techniques, with advice for all levels of member.
A wide range of topics are covered over the year.
Meetings are well attended and are lively, good-humoured and interesting.
The meetings are also an opportunity to buy kits, tools, etc. at reduced prices.


Subjects covered in the past include:


Modelling issues

• Planning a layout
• Making baseboards
• Track laying and ballasting
• Weathering locos and wagons
• Making your own trees and bushes
• Building and using a polystyrene cutter
• 3D printing
• Building and using a static grass applicator
• Making decals for locos and rolling stock
• Painting figures
• Constructing with plastic
• Airbrushing

Electronic issues

• Wiring your layout
• Automating a layout
• Making mimic panels and touchscreens
• Adding sound to your layout
• Adding lighting to your layout
• Motors and controllers
• Using servos and steppers for points, signals, turntables, etc.
• Kit building and faultfinding
• Train detection methods
• Explaining DCC
• The Faller road system
• Automating a layout
• Signals
• Programming PICs and Arduinos
• Faultfinding

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