Members Projects

Boiler Fire
Cab Cam Stepper Drivers


Level Crossing


Farm yard Cbus Power Monitor
Latching Reed Servo Operated Signals
Magnetiser Fiddle Yard
SMD Desoldering Post Office Fire
SMD Soldering

Dapol Crane

Point Motors

Street Lights

Camera Flash Control

Concert / Disco

Warehouse Hoist Fairground Santa's Sleigh
Track Tester Street Diorama Trevors Buildings pt1
Doonfoot 555 Timer Trevors Buildings pt2
IR Device Solenoids Track Voltage Test Wagon
Solderless Tools Wheelsets Building On Fire
Latching Relays Shuttle Plus Stay Alive for DCC Automatic Coach Lighting
Hinged Scenery CNC Cutters Charlie's Shuffler
Numbering Systems IC Examples Animated Signs
Programmable Flasher Transistors Creating Led Signs
DF Player Cameras Making Decals
Workbench Safety Smoke And Steam Effects Trevor's Steam Punk
Linear Actuator Car Crusher Trevor's Building Pt3.
Charging 18650's Block Working  
Arduino Issues USB and USB Drivers  
Scissors Lift Drop-in Scenery  
Hard Jal Made Easy Intro's To Pics  
Station Displays




ADC on 12f675 Toti's Part 1  
Toti's Part 2 Shieldinch Pt1  
Scottish Fire Regulations The Sequencer  
The 293D Rocket Launcher  
Driller Easterton  
Animated Water Tower Pulse Width Modulation and Motors  
Multimeters & Measurements Home Networking  
Behind The Scenes Cheap Loco Connectors  
Arduino Serial Monitor Pt1 Arduino Serial Monitor Pt2  

Shieldinch Pt2

Building a Scissors Lift  
LCD Tester Making Cab View Videos  
One Shot Monostable Possil Station  
Sound Modules Circuit Protection  
Links and Jumpers Stayalives  
Fairground Carousel Wagon Turntable  
Rewiring Kentmere Shuttle Plus Update  
Noise Suppression The Jal Serial Monitor  
NGS Hunslet Review Magnetic Uncouplers  
Building my Layout An FM DC Controller  
Loudspeakers DC Motors  
Hornby Coaches Wheel Puller  
Wombel Junction Calculating Loco Speeds  
Point Wiring Tension Lock Uncoupler  
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