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 The Farmyard

A farmyard gives plenty of scope for eye catching scenery but it can be taken to the next level by using lights, sound, and animation.

The lighting in the buildings is quite straight forward, using mainly 3mm warm leds and sections of led strip for the larger buildings. The addition of a PMP12 random lights kit will add realism to multi roomed buildings.

A windmill has to move! This windmill is equipped with a small dc motor attached to the sails and driven by a PMP10 speed controller. The speed can either be fixed, and the sails operated by a switch/timer, or the potentiometer can be brought out to a control panel for manual adjustment.

Farmyard sounds complete the scene. The sound module used here is a WTV020. Details can be found in Book 1, Chapter 10, “Sound”, of Davy’s online book. This chapter also contains references to websites where sound files can be download and there are many more on the internet. This module can loop and therefore play a continuous background sound if required. It can be used in many applications such as building sites, stations and town centres. A micro sd card is required and this can be re-recorded to change the sound file when required. The module is activated by a trigger which could be a switch, detector, or a timer. The event sequencer, PMP26, could be used to trigger specific sounds to match animations.


WTV020 sound module



Give it a try and post your results!


Keith 2/04/20