A view from the cab

Seeing the view from the cab of your own model railway can be both entertaining and constructive.

This video shows my first attempt to add a camera to a train running on the layout. As well as being highly entertaining it also highlighted to me how poor the track was in places. In real life special trains are sent out to monitor the condition of the rail network to provide a safe and smooth ride. This performs the same function on a model railway. Note also that model railways tend to run at speeds much higher than the scale speed should be. My train looks more like a runaway!

This video was taken several years ago and much has changed on the layout so it is about time I repeated the exercise.

I used a MUVI camera, normally for cyclist’s helmets, at it is self powered and records onto micro sd cards, but there are many types of miniature camera available. A hole was cut in the base of a wagon to accommodate the camera and it was secured with foam. The wagon could either be pulled, giving a view over the loco cab, or pushed, giving a cab view. Attaching a dummy cab would give you a view from the drivers seat.

Click on image for video.

Give it a try and post your results!


Keith 29/03/20