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Every dropped a screw or a washer into an really awkward spot, where you just can't get at it with pliers or tweezers?

This where this gadget comes in handy.
It is 52mm x 50mm x 28mm and has two slots.
If you take a long shafted screwdriver and stroke it through the 'magnetizer' hole a few times it makes the screwdriver magnetic.
Now it is easy to attract that screw and remove it.

When you want, you can stroke the screwdriver through the 'demagnetizer' slot and it is no longer magnetic.
If you prefer, you can use a length of steel rod instead of a screwdriver.

Simple, and no batteries required!

It is cheap (around £2.50 on eBay) and more than pays its ways for those

few times it is saves your time and your temper.


Davy Dick April 2020